Silvia Siller Mujer Prisma Founder

Writer, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese translator.

Renata Bomfim Poet and Spanish- Portuguese Translator

José M. Prieto, Novelist and Spanish-Russian Translator

Florence Gleason French, Spanish and English Translator

Walter Krochmal Expert in language services

Dominga Cruz Náhuatl and Spanish translator


Mujer Prisma

Silvia Siller, Founder

Poet, polyglot and radio host. She teaches Spanish and has taught Latin-American poetry at the New York Public University (CUNY). She studied a Master’s in International Relations at Columbia University,  has a Master’s in French and has completed several Diplomas in Contemporary Literature. Finalist of the Entreversos contest (2017) of the Mar Azul Foundation in Venezuela, poems that have been published by New York Poetry Press. Her collections of poems have been recognized in the International Latino Book Award 2015 and 2016 with the translation of Walter Krochmal. Received the G. Mistral, J. Burgos and F. Kahlo award from the Galo Plaza Committee in New York for her contributions to Latin American culture (2015). She has multiple collections of poems. Voice of cultural radio program –Cultural Dialogues with Silvia Siller on CalleVieja Radio. She has also danced flamenco and has written flamenco theater plays with poetry.  Her poetry accompanied the exhibition Man(o)rar by Luciana Corres at the Franz Mayer Museum (2018) and at the Oaxaca Textile Museum (2017). Fully fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Professional knowdelge of Portuguese and Italian. Learning basic Náhuatl.

Renata Bomfim, Poet and Portuguese Translator

Born in Vitória, Espiritu Santo, Brazil. She has a PHD in Languages awarded by the Federal Univiersity of Espíritu Santo (UFES) and she is a University Professor. She is also a poet, enssayist, researcher and environmentalist. She is the creator and manager of the Reluz Nature Reserve. (, located in the Espíritu Santo's mountains, where she works to preserve a remaining area of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, a biome that shelters a vast biodiversity, one of the greatest on the planet, and that is highly threatened. Lastly, she is the authore of the Literary Journal " Letra e Fel" (Letter and Gall, Instagram: @renatabomfim.oficial.

José Manuel Prieto, Novelist and Russian Translator

Author of numerous novels, non-fiction books, articles and essays and translator of renowned Russian Literature figures into Spanish such as Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Mayakovski, or Anna Akhmatova among others. Some of his own books are (novel) Livadia, considered one of the most important books of fiction in 2004 in Germany according to the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung', also wrote Enciclopedia de una vida en Rusia,  El Tartamudo y la rusa (short stories), and many more.Praised by The NY TimesThe New York Review of BookLe Monde, Liberation, and The Times Literary Supplement. Fellow of the Margaret and Herman Sokol at The Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at The NY Public Library. Recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 2002 and most recently, in the year 2013, of The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), in Berlin. PHD in History. Visiting professor at Princeton and Cornell U. and teaches as an Associate Professor at Seton Hall.

Florence Gleason, French, Spanish and English Translator

Certified translator French-Spanish, Spanish teacher. Born in Belgium. In Brussels, she obtained her degree as an English-Spanish translator. She lived in Mexico for ten years working in the prestigious Berlitz School of Languages and was also hired in marketing for the 3M American Company after obtaining a post-graduate Degree in Marketing at the ITAM School of Business. She alternated with freelance translations and interpretations. Back in France, she spent a few years in the tourism industry before teaching Spanish within the National High School Program as well as in International Business. She is also pursuing the certification to teach French as a second language. 


Walter Krochmal, Expert in Language Services

Translator, interpreter and writer. Extensive experience with legal translations English-Spanish. and court interpretations. His experience translating also includes the finesse of theater, poetry, art, art house film, print, radio, and television. Some recurrent subjects are Central American expressions, the New Economy, boxing and sports, politics, religion, Sephardic/Latin American Jewish culture and the non-profit world. Expertise subtitling short films by Central American filmmakers through his non-profit Bronx World Film Festival. Some of his published or performed work has won awards and acclaim. Specialties include audiovisual translation (subtitles and voice-overs), simultaneous or conference interpreting and audio transcription/translation.

Dominga Cruz, Náhuatl and Spanish Translator

Born in Siete Palmas, Ixcatepec, Veracruz. Nahuatl and Spanish speaker. Master in Indo-American Linguistics from the Center for Research and Higher Studies in Social Anthropology, CIESAS. Graduated in indigenous education from the National Pedagogical University, UPN. Nahuatl teacher at the Foreign Language Center, CENLEX, of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN). Nahuatl teacher for the Indigenous and Diasporic Languages Consortium, IDLC, composed by CUNY, NYU and Columbia University at New York. It is part of the team at the National Institute of Indigenous Languages, INALI, for the regularization of Nahuatl writing. Professor in the diploma course "Linguistic Bases in Nahuatl Language" offered by the General Directorate of Indigenous Education of CIESAS and "Linguistic Documentation" at the National Pedagogical University, UPN. As well as Nahuatl language workshops at the Benemérita y Centenaria Normal School of San Luis, BECENE. Speaker at various conferences on Nahuatl language and culture.